The Wedding Umbrella

This minimalist, boho-mood wedding sets the perfect tone for a young couple. Unconventional yet whimsical, these photographs showcase a unique wedding story: that of a bride waiting at the altar for her beloved, her heart overflowing with excitement, anticipation, and, above all--love.

Photographed in gorgeous northwest British Columbia, everything captured in these images can be found locally, from rings to flowers, body jewelry to hair styles. Use these fun and delightful images to spark your own wedding ideas, and get in touch with our wonderful team of local businesses to help make your dream come true. After all, everyone deserves a happily ever after.

Please enjoy the following story from The Wedding Umbrella.

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The grey clouds rolled over the hills, not to bring rain or storms or lightning, but to add a smudge of colour to her sunset sky.

As the clouds parted and the evening light spilled over her, she found herself pacing back and forth in the sun’s warmth.  She didn’t know what to expect–her heart was a mixture of emotions, and so she kept herself distracted with the red accents of her wedding day.  Her nervous eyes admired the bouquet of roses she held in her hands as she thought about how perfect it was that one simple colour could bring so much love and beauty into an otherwise vacant scene; to her, the red accents in sharp contrast to the grey landscape were a symbol of her and her husband-to-be–the two of them wed, outside, on a hot summer night in July.


The plan was unconventional to match their unconventional love: she would wait patiently at the altar until her man walked in, off the horizon.  She didn’t know from which direction or even the exact time he would arrive, and it was this mysterious spontaneity of her man that she loved so much.  The anticipation made her pace, and she wandered further and further away from their altar until she found a higher vantage point to see off into the distance, her eyes scanning the horizon for any sign of him.  When none came, she returned to the altar, restless and excited and nervous.  She licked her lips to moisten them and it was with this small gesture that she was reminded of the shade of her lipstick, and how the colour matched her flowers perfectly.  She smiled to herself then, and at the exact moment, her man walked up behind her.  
It was time.


Before they gave themselves to each other, they gave themselves to the earth–and when all was said and done, they bound their love in burlap.


|| Female model: Kat Maxwell | Male model: Anonymous | Hair by Andrea at Butter | Makeup by Shawna Coburn | Dress and jewellry by Ella | Accessories by U.C. Fashions at Urban Colour | Flowers by Fiori Design | Photos by Talon Gillis and Kyla O’Donnell | Props and decor by Creative Zone ||